Concerning the works of Room 13: Osseous,

All artwork and words are original to
Hannah Carpenter Pitkin unless noted otherwise.


harvestmen waiting motionless in ambush


One has to wonder if it's not just a sick fantasy of an emotionally mutated girl. No, though; I walked the forest myself, and in it's wealthiest depth, I saw the phoenix rise from a shadow of my ashes. I am ne'er once the same as I had; ne'er to forget the dust from which I rose.


Forest: 01/17/14


Nicholas and The Queen

Self Portrait: January 16, 2014

The Field: 01/14/14

Concept/Model/Editing: Hannah Pitkin
Photograph: Nicholas Clark


when all the rest had crumbled, there among limbs and sore memories and book pages and tin roofs and uneaten but ripe plums, was you. the last man. a


Friday, June 29 2013: Rest

Two 18x24 canvases, one deer skull, nails, wood, rope, acrylic, and spray paint.


What is it about Duty,
it makes you cringe
it makes you wet

Lost family


I love you because I know you.